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Airbnb Host and Guest Support

We are also providing our customers with an online presence of their property to get them the right renters for their property. It reduces your cost and makes it easier to find and reach to your customer because we will be your voice. We also provide guest service support for your hotel or other business with effective call management system. We accommodate all the queries of the customers by listening effectively and continuously.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Managing listings on all platforms i.e. booking.com, expedia, hotels.com, Airbnb, travelocity, Craigslist, travelcheap etc
  • Moderating disputes with booking platform support by providing adequate proof to save refunds.
  • Saving refunds by providing adequate assistance to the guest.
  • Expert knowledge of using calendar management systems such as Guesty and bookingsync.
  • Provide host and guest support through phone, email, text and in-app messages
  • Designing workflows and processes for check-in and check-out
  • Coordinating with on-ground team such as housekeeping to ensure the listings are always up to date
  • Maintaining relationship with building maintenance or external contractors to ensure swift resolution of any on-trip issues
  • Scheduling housekeeping jobs
  • Tending to guest issues and needs during their stay at the property
  • Reaching out to landlord to coordinate fixing of any structural issues
  • Representing the brand voice
  • Updating codes from time to time for property access to avoid misuse or theft at the property